Henry Hats of Hawaii




Expanding Flat Caps now in Child & Adult Sizes

 We're excited to announce the arrival of our Adult Size Caps.

Henry Hats of Hawaii flat caps are the only flat caps on the market that have an innovative design feature that allows the hat to expand.  There are only two sizes needed to fit everyone: The child cap will fit a newborn and expand to fit a 'tween-ager' (14" to 21" / 35cm to 53cm). The adult cap will fit all adults from small head to extra-large size head (18" to 25" / 46cm to 64cm).

Vanessa Perez, Owner and Creator of Henry Hats of Hawaii, designed these hats, initially because she wanted stylish hats for her son Henry that would fit for more than two wears!.  Now, she's on a mission to get more kids wearing hats to prevent skin cancer.

'MiniMe Matching' flat caps.  They look fantastic, they'll garner endless compliments and you can have peace of mind that you and 'mini' are protected from the sun - stylishly!


At Henry Hats, we're committed to Ethical Manufacturing, so when you buy a hat from us, you can have peace of mind that our products have been hand-crafted by well-paid artisans who work in a safe and hazard-free environment.